Geothermal Installation in Pittsburgh, PA

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Exploring Geothermal Energy in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, PA is a historical city which has always been on the cutting edge of energy related endeavors.  For instance, Pittsburgh was home to the very first gas station, and was even the site for the very first long distance transmission of electricity.  So is it really a surprise that Pittsburgh is also among the first cities to put geothermal energy to use in their homes?

What is geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy is a completely natural and renewable energy source which is created by the absorption of the sun's rays by the earth.  This absorption has created a naturally consistent temperature which occurs just below the earth's surface.  This natural occurrence is known as thermal energy, and can be tapped into in order to heat and cool your home.

How does a geothermal heating and cooling system work?

Geothermal heating works by pumping warm air from a few feet beneath your home, and circulating that warm air through your existing air ducts.  Since this air is much warmer than the air above the surface, a geothermal heating system does not require the burning of fossil fuels in order to heat the air prior to circulating it throughout your house. 

Geothermal cooling works by reversing the process of geothermal heating.  Instead of pulling warm air from the ground, the hot air inside your house is pumped out through your air ducts and put back in the ground.  The geothermal cooling process also allows you to use hot air from your home to fuel your hot water tank during the summer months.

What are some of the benefits for Pittsburgh, PA homeowners who switch to geothermal energy?

The following are just some of the many benefits that geothermal heating and cooling systems have to offer homeowners.

  • Homeowners will enjoy savings on their monthly energy costs of 30-80%.
  • Homeowners may be eligible for a geothermal tax credit to offset the price of geothermal installation.
  • Geothermal heating and cooling systems offer homeowners the ability to reduce their carbon footprint by using a renewable source of energy.

Now that I have decided to switch to geothermal energy what do I do next?

The first step in getting your new Pittsburgh-area geothermal heating and cooling system is to contact Yoder Geothermal.  Yoder Geothermal is a geothermal installation company who has been working with geothermal heating and cooling systems since 1990.  Over the course of the last decade, Yoder Geothermal has created relationships with hundreds of different geothermal dealers all across the Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia region.  These relationships will allow you to ensure you are getting the absolute best geothermal heating and cooling system for your home.  Once you have selected which system you would like installed, Yoder Geothermal will ensure your new geothermal system is installed using the highest quality products.

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