Installation Options

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Yoder Drilling & Geothermal is a full service closed-loop installation contractor with the professional skills and years of experience to provide you a quality, energy-efficient geothermal loop system.  We specialize in all of the following designs, providing you a system for nearly every situation.  Let us tap the green energy in your back yard.

  • Vertical Geothermal Installation
    Vertical bore holes provide the least disruptive form of geothermal loop installations. Because piping is installed vertically, an average residential loop system can be located within a 20' x 20' area free of utilities.
  • Horizontal Geothermal Installation
    A horizontal system is the most common geothermal loop installed today.  However, it also requires the largest footprint of utility-free ground.  Costs are typically less than a vertical system.
  • Pond Loop
    Water temperatures at the bottom of a pond maintain relatively constant temperatures year round providing an alternative geothermal loop application.  The pond loop is the least expensive option given that you already have a pond.
  • Horizontal Directional Bore
    The horizontal directional bore is an installation option where ground conditions are not conducive for installing a vertical or horizontal system.  Costs are similar to vertical, but the system requires more land than horizontal trenching.

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