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We're excited that you'll soon be enjoying the benefits of Geothermal heating & cooling in your home! 


Here are the steps to follow in making your project a reality.  Remember our team of dedicated geothermal experts is available to answer your questions all along the way.

1.  Contact Yoder Geothermal for a complete list of heating contractors in your geographical area who install geothermal furnaces.

Yoder Geothermal has partnered with literally hundreds of HVAC dealers throughout Ohio, PA and WV.  The team at Yoder Geothermal will help you connect with one near you.

2.  Work with your geothermal HVAC dealer to decide on the size and cost of the geothermal furnace system.   

Cost and size of your system will be based on your home design.vertical installation in progress

3.  Insist on Yoder Geothermal for your ground loop installation.

With more than 20 years of installation experience and well over 6000 systems in the tri-state area, Yoder Geothermal is the most trusted name for geothermal loop installations.

4.  Schedule the geothermal installation wtih your HVAC dealer.

Generally, your heating contractor will have work to complete before Yoder Geothermal arrives for the ground loop installation.  Once they are ready, scheduling of the loop installation is next.  Choose a time that works best for everyone involved.  We never want to be an inconvenience to you.

5.  Mark underground utilities to prevent accidents

Marking utilities before drilling is an important step.  These are generally done by a professional locator service free of charge.  But there are often underground utilities that go unmarked, such as cable, satellite, downspout drains, electric or water to a barn or separtate garage, sump pump discharge, landscape lighting and sprinkler lines.

6.  Yoder's part of the installation is a two-step process. 

The first step is the drilling phase - installing the piping underground.  We are committed to as little disruption of landscaping and grass surrounding the loop field as possible while  finishing the job to a "rough" backfill state.  Each homeowner works with the landscaper of their choice to return grass and plantings to their previous condition after natural settling occurs.

Secondly Yoder Geothermal's experienced hook up crew brings the piping into your home directly to your new geothermal furnace.finished vertical job at 6 months

7.  Enjoy the comfort and savings you expected with a clean, green, ultra efficient geothermal  system.

Nothing beats the feeling of freedom from high energy costs!  No longer will you need to worry about the high costs of heating or cooling your home.  And you, too, can enjoy the constant comfort provided by a geothermal heat pump system.


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